Wednesday, September 23, 2009

facebook friends speak out....

I posted this question as my status: - Lisa Beaudry is in IS class (Politics and Medicine) and we have a HUGE discussion on this question... help me out here friends....weigh in on this for me.... Is access to health care a right or a privilege???

I got responses from 10 of my friends. 5 say 'right'. 5 say 'privilege'.

Here are some of the responses:

'KH'-"I'd consider it a privilege if it was just given to us, but right if we're going to be taxed for it. If it's a privilege to have health insurance and reform is not made then would it also be a privilege to go into huge debt and bankruptcy because of health bills?"
'DR' - "Privilege. It's not an inalienable right in my eyes and not everyone CAN get treatment. To give away health care is a tried and tested way to ruin a system. You should have to earn your care."
'JP' - "we need reform, they said Social Security was a communist plot too!"
BP' - "Right now total health coverage is a privilege for those who can afford it. For those who can't, it becomes a life and/or death situation."
'MO' - "I believe that seeing health care as a right is a big step toward treating people humanely."


Health Care reform is a serious issue, one that will effect each and everyone of us, our children, our children's children and so on...

we cannot turn this important decision over to those whose desires are not our own. We must work hard for a plan that will benefit all.

writes -
"A right or privilege based on what? That you're alive or that you’re a citizen or that you're a contributing member of society? There's a big difference."

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  1. I can't access the Bacus bill that is supposed to be on electronic reserve. I called the library and they said it isn't on electronic resesrve. Any one have any ideas or contact with Dr. Hanewicz to let him know?